Black and White……

How alive I feel in the world of books,
The comfort I glean from the constellation of black and white,
Ideas from great heads,
Have intercourse with my mind’s every nook,
Expanding my threshold of knowledge,
Lifting my intelligence to immeasurable heights,
Giving me joy so great it’s ethereal,
In these books I find the ingredients to my own greatness,
Greatness that inspires me to produce marvelous pieces of work,
Pieces of work that inspire others,
This wonderful black and white constellation…..,
Makes me an artist and a poet,
A producer of intellectual aesthetics,
A shaper of other minds,
An immortal presence in the history of man


Beauty mingled with its thunderous din,
Stare in its whirlpool and you may see an elegant fin,
Nature so delicate and yet so powerful,
Awe-inspiring spectacule, views simply wonderful,
Wondering what I’m referring to?, it’s the waterfall,
Winds between rocks, flows in valleys and over gorges it falls,
Words depart me when I view it’s astounding beauty,
And it’s gentle ways as it obeys gravity,
Turbulence swiftly turns into a gentle flow,
Which reinvigorates the life around its rich sloping banks


From the calm serene surfaces of the inland lakes,
To the absolute purity of springs,
Violent eruptions of spectacular geysers,
And the foaming ribbons of powerful rivers,
Waterfalls and their whirlpools in their full splendor,
Surface of the oceans,
Smooth as expensive glass at times,
Other times whipped into a ferocious tempest,
Dark forbidden depths of the boundless oceans,
Trenches and the abundant colonies that abide in them,
Creatures that redefine the concept of beauty,
Make me marvel at their magnificent appearances,
And realize just how beautiful nature is,
And that I am just another tiny mark on the passage of time.

Winter morning

Winter is often thought of as bleak,
Most people fail to see how its mornings are so fine,
How birds from their comfy nests peep,
At the rays from the sun as they gently shine,
Shading the landscape delectable hues,
Mountain caps glow,
Their ice covered slopes fine shades of orange and blue,
Panorama that lights the face of men aglow,
And depicts nature at the height of its gorgeousness


The alpha lioness of the pride,
Graceful with her movements,
Distinctively majestic,
And capturing attention wherever she goes,
Who’s this phenomenon?,
She’s Zainab……,
The sweet and charming woman,
Who has been successfully navigating through the murky waters of life,
With nothing akin to a fall talkless of drowning,
Intelligent and friendly,
Quite a wonderful lady to frolic with,
Beautiful and smart as hell,
This here’s a magical winner,
She celebrates the passage of 365,
Which have been filled with so many achievements and joy,
Eventually, her enemies succumb to her glory,
And worship her every move,
Ride on,my queen… deserve the best life has to offer on an ivory platter,
Happy birthday Zainab, much love.


Fair brown skin like caramel,
Dainty features that mesmerize,
And eyes that take you to the heavens,
Viewing her under the moonlight,
Titillating, she shimmers through the night,
Incandescently lighting up whatever she touches,
Transfixing me to a spot even though my heart furiously rushes,
She’s a jewel possessing astral qualities,
A gem to be knelt before and treasured,
Mesmerized by her perfect motions,
Raven hair flowing down her delicate back,
Slim and elegant hips,
Curvaceous and voluptuous wonder she is,
She defies description,
I genuflect deeply,
To my flawless goddess,


Her curves…..
The slight undulations her perfect hips make,
The curve of her immaculate waist,
And her perfectly rounded behind,
Soft mounds of glorious beauty her bosom make,
Brown hair flowing like a chocolate fountain,
Her features out of this world,
Words incapable of capturing her splendor,
Elegant cheekbones,
Rising out of that face like a pair of carefully crafted ivory castles,
Lips luscious as ever; I’m lost for expression,
Symmetrical; incomparable to these mortals,
In her presence, I lose my ability to vocalize,
For she’s the subject of my extreme fantasies,
My very own goddess, my Venus.